6 Essential Sites for a Successful Installation in the United States.

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Settling in a foreign country is always a real challenge: the subtleties of the language, the regulations, the habits, the local traditions are all elements to be considered for a quick and successful integration. To avoid isolation, build a network and access information, here are 6 essential sites that will make your daily life easier.

French District:

“The best of the United States by those who live there”. Created in 2008 by 3 French people living in the US, the site presents 14 local editions and offers a multitude of information for expatriates: Employment, formalities, outings, leisure, good tips…. Link: The French District

Le Courrier de Floride:

As its name suggests, the monthly magazine (paper and web) offers more specific content for the “Sunshine State”… But not only! It hosts “Le Courrier des Amériques” which contains a very interesting guide to practical life in the United States and often useful generic information.

The Courrier de Floride, created in July 2013, is a wealth of information for Francophones : outings, services, real estate, tourism… Link: The Courrier de Floride


Union des Français de l’Etranger. UFE offers files by country and informs you about schooling, housing, studies, social security, business creation, taxation, practical life and much more. 170 local representations to forge links with compatriots. Link: The UFE


French American Chamber of Commerce. An interesting structure for those who wish to set up and create a business. The FACC provides advice, organizes events, and meetings to build your network and learn about regulations. The Chamber of Commerce (123 chambers in 92 countries, including 20 in the USA) are located in major cities of the United States (New York, Atlanta, Miami…) and present different editions depending on the localities. Link: FACC Miami

Consulate of France:

The Consulate of France provides a link for people with the country of origin. It provides advice (e.g. in the event of a hurricane), allows remote voting, provides support in the event of a serious incident, and is the contact point for many administrative procedures. The registration of French nationals established outside of France is optional but useful because it can facilitate the completion of certain formalities. Link: Miami Consulate


The Caisse des Français de l’Etranger. This organization offers a lot of information about social protection and retirement for French people living abroad. The CFE allows you to maintain a minimum of health coverage (be careful, it is a just a minimum insufficient to be well insured in the USA !), to maintain a pension plan but also to contribute for your retirement. Link: The CFE




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