FOR FUN | Inside Liz’s Library: “All Adults Here” by Emma Straub

Liz Bradley Reviews "All Adults Here"Cary’s assistant Liz Bradley is our resident culture vulture. If you need a movie, book, or streaming series recommendation, reach out to Liz for the latest and greatest.

by Liz Bradley

If you’re like me (in the year of COVID), you may have done a lot of reading over the past few months. I’ve read several books, but one page-turner that I particularly enjoyed was “All Adults Here” by Emma Straub. Not only is Emma an accomplished author, she is also a bookstore owner, which sounds so appealing to me.

All Adults HereThis novel takes place in a fictional town named Clapham in upstate NY in the Hudson Valley area. The book encompasses three generations. The father, Russell, died many years ago, and left unresolved family misunderstandings. The oldest son is Elliott who is involved in a controversial real estate deal, which you will learn later could have a negative impact on his mother, Astrid. In addition, her daughter Porter seems to get herself into less than desirable personal relationships. In fact, she is now single and pregnant, by choice!

The primary character is the grandmother Astrid Strick who is 68. At the beginning of the book, Astrid is witness to a fatal bus accident involving an acquaintance. This event has Astrid looking back on the past 20 years and decisions that still haunt her. The incident captures Emma Straub’s delightful way of weaving humor into very serious situations. To further complicate Astrid’s life, her granddaughter Cecelia at age 13 comes to live with her in “The Big House.” While Astrid tends to have a tough personality, I couldn’t help but like her once I understood the challenges that she faced, and the secrets that she has kept buried for many years.

This novel has a lovely way of dealing with many issues currently facing our society and hopefully helps us to understand what challenges others may face. Enjoy!