Why French People Choose Florida

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Many French people have chosen Florida to change their lives, start a new business or simply to retire. According to the French American Chamber of Commerce, the advantages of the “Sunshine State” are not lacking:

  • The economy is booming with more than 100 million visitors per year.
  • It is a unique meeting point between the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean markets, offering real development prospects.
  • Transport is omnipresent with 19 commercial airports, 15 freight ports, 5000km of rail and 20000km of motorways.
  • Many sectors are supported by the State: Aeronautics, green energies, new technologies.
  • The workforce is qualified and multilingual.
  • The tax system is favorable (no state income tax).

For lovers of nature and wide open spaces, the numerous and immense beaches allow you to enjoy superb sunsets and sunrises. The parks, including Everglades, are home to a variety of animal and plant species. Water sports enthusiasts (scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing…) find a multitude of activities here and golfers can practice their favorite sport on the 1240 courses listed.

Florida also hosts an increasing number of events, concerts, and museums throughout the year.

Finally, real estate offers a very wide range of properties with great opportunities for foreign investors.




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