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Josh J. Weller
Financial Advisor


I work with socially- and environmentally-conscious individuals, families, business owners, and corporations, providing financial confidence with a performance-focused alignment of investments and planning with their values, beliefs, and causes. This focus on Sustainable/ESG Investing (Environmental-Social-Governance) is my way of making a difference and helping like-minded clients do the same through the responsible use of assets.

As a former business owner, another specialty is business consulting on financial matters such as key person retention, key employee contingency planning, cross-purchase/buy-sell agreements, deferred compensation, succession planning, and 401k and other retirement plan management (with integration of Sustainable/ESG choices if desired).

I serve clients as a fiduciary advocate in every facet of modern investment management and financial planning: Retirement Planning, Tax Strategies, Insurance Planning, Estate Planning, Business & Succession Planning, and Corporate Retirement Program Management. I find reward in helping people in a crucial area of life that can feel confusing and mystifying.

A Princeton graduate, I enjoyed a first successful career as an award-winning president and director of an advertising/design/marketing firm that I founded in Portsmouth, NH and later moved to Boston. That experience brings a wealth of maturity, insight, and perspective to my current work.

I live in West Palm Beach, FL with my partner Julie. We both have adult children from previous marriages, including my daughter, a married hotel executive who lives and works in NYC. I regularly travel back to the Northeast to visit clients and enjoy family, friends, and my favorite places on the coast from Portsmouth to Boston to Cape Cod as well as the region of my youth, the New York metro area. Our firm works with clients throughout the U.S.

In my personal time, you can find me in a hot yoga studio, in a (futile) search for a better golf swing, serving friends and family as an amateur chef, or lounging in a well-chosen beach location. On occasion, I've been known to do all in the same day!

“My passion is to help people in a crucial area of life that can feel confusing and mystifying. My mission is to provide exceptional advice and planning strategies that support clients on the path to maximizing assets and investment income, minimizing risk, planning for contingencies, and achieving and preserving financial freedom.”


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