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EP28: COREY SABAN – An Inside Look at a Media Master

Corey Saban, president of CS Media Works, joins Cary for a dynamic, wide-ranging conversation. For more than 15 years, Corey has been a coach and consultant specializing in the high-demand areas of media relations, crisis management, presentation training, and brand storytelling.

He enjoyed a previous career in radio and broadcast journalism, achieving accolades as an Emmy nominee and Associated Press award-winner. He has interviewed world figures from presidents to Pulitzer Prize-winners, and covered the disputed 2000 election, September 11th attacks, and numerous Super Bowls and national sports championships.

Corey now gets rave reviews for assisting companies with the craft of storytelling and “protecting” their brands, and helping executives and professionals with what to say and how to say it. He is also a marketing strategist who aligns your brand with your “why” in keeping with Simon Sinek’s work, helping companies develop and articulate a purpose with clear, concise messaging that drives results.

Learn from Corey as he discusses: 

  • His journey in newscasting
  • Why he didn’t stop pursuing his dreams after multiple rejections
  • Mentors who influenced him
  • The importance of discovering your “why”
  • Why networking is an absolute must
  • Finding your unique gift and using it to your advantage
  • Why aligning your brand story is crucial
  • Plus more!

Connect with Corey:


This podcast episode represents only the opinions and views of the guest. It may not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Cary Stamp & Co. The sharing of this content does not imply tax or legal advice or professional investment advice.

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