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How New Clients Experience the Principled Wealth Process

Introductory Client-Advisor "FIT" Meeting

Introductory meeting to learn more and mutually assess the fit between your needs and aspirations and our services and philosophy.

Deeper Conversation and Fact Finding

In the next step, we progress to learning everything possible about your financial situation to more efficiently and successfully serve all facets of your financial life goals. 

Analysis & Solution Development

When appropriate, depending on your distinct situation, your advisor, often in collaboration with your attorney and accountant, will develop a personalized, comprehensive plan aligned with your needs, values, and goals. If you simply need more effective management of a piece of the puzzle, such as asset management, that will be addressed in detail.

Sharing Ideas, Possibilities, and Strategies

We present our analysis and recommendations to you for review and feedback. This is when the magic can happen. Our goal is provide highly personalized, sophisticated ideas, some of which clients may never have seen before.

Taking Action: Plan Implementation

We implement your plan, collaborating with your accountant and attorney as needed. The lines of communication are always open.

Ongoing Measurement & Communication

Your strategic plan and assets are monitored and adjusted as needed by your advisor and support team. We communicate with you regularly. Our team knows your name and needs, and staff members with specialties can serve you at anytime depending on the situation.

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We create the roadmap and manage your plan and assets. You follow your aspirations and dreams.