Austin Kuyrkendall
Financial Analyst

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Austin Kuyrkendall is the latest talented addition to our financial analyst team, coming straight to Cary Stamp & Co. from earning a degree in computer science at the University of Florida. He has high aspirations for quick professional growth, to earn the CFP® designation, and serve as a trusted wealth advisor to clients.

Originally, Austin intended to become a doctor, but decided his technical proficiency was better suited for a degree in computer science. In the long run, whether a doctor, a computer wiz, or a wealth manager, he believes that the cognitive process is similar—knowing how to learn quickly and apply the learning as an effective problem solver is the sign of a true professional. “My computer science coursework taught me to be analytical, how to be a problem solver, and how to work with others. Most of my academic time in college was spent in small to mid-size groups, working on complex tasks with limited guidance. It was exceptional training for becoming a portfolio manager or financial advisor.”

Shortly after graduating, Austin began seeking mentors who could provide advice about a career in financial services. He says, “Cary Stamp is exactly the person I was hoping to find, and I’m grateful that I’ll have the opportunity to learn from him while serving clients and assisting our team of advisors. I find the work that experienced pros are doing in investment management and financial planning to be fascinating.”

“One of my personal principles is to achieve excellence in everything I do. My financial analyst role at Cary Stamp & Co. is no different.” – Austin Kuyrkendall

During his sophomore year at the University of Florida, Austin also experienced a job that will serve him well as a financial planner. He was a nighttime security officer at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge in Gainesville. The facility provides free lodging to cancer patients and their families. “I worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday, from 11pm to 8am. I was the only employee working at the Lodge overnight and was responsible for overseeing up to 50 patients and their families. I often spoke with individuals who knew that they were close to death, and with people who were about to lose, or just lost, someone they loved. The experience had a major impact on me and how I see the world.”

Austin possesses the smarts and perspective to play an integral role in helping clients lead rewarding and well-planned financial lives. We look forward to watching his achievements.

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