Brian Sirota, CFP®, ChFC®, MBA
Financial Advisor


“In sixth grade, I had my own small trading account with money to play around and learn with. I knew by ninth grade that I wanted to study finance.”

Brian Sirota credits his grandfather with sparking his interest in markets and finance at a young age. Before moving to Orlando, Brian’s family lived in Long Island, NY where his grandfather owned a tool and die factory as well as several commercial buildings. “My grandfather would come over and bring The New York Times, and we’d read the Business and Finance sections and look at stocks,” recalled Brian. Eventually, his grandfather set him up with a trading account so he could test the market on his own.

When Brian wasn’t looking at stock charts, he was deep into sports. He played football and basketball and excelled at baseball, playing on competitive AAU Travel and high school teams.

Brian attended Auburn University where he earned a degree in finance. Next stop was Nova Southeastern University for an MBA, where Brian made the Dean’s List and graduated with high honors. While attending graduate school full-time, he began working at a credit union in Orlando, an experience that allowed him to learn about the world of finance from the ground level.

Brian was then hired by Fidelity Investments and was promoted four times in three years, requiring him to move from Jacksonville to Tampa. “I’ve worked in every role in finance. I really know how things operate,” he explained. After three years with Fidelity, he returned to Jacksonville to work for a private firm as the Vice President of Wealth Management responsible for managing 200 households and $150 million.

Brian had met his future wife in Orlando; after marrying, they soon decided to move to their dream location on the South Florida coast, ultimately choosing Palm Beach Gardens. That’s when he found his way to Cary Stamp & Co. “I’m developing new clientele, while providing ongoing advice and managing existing clients in partnership with Cary.” He is also constantly building expertise, studying for exams leading to key professional designations. In addition to the MBA, he holds the CFP® and ChFC® designations.

In his personal life, Brian enjoys time with his family, traveling abroad (his favorite destination is Bora Bora), and sporting interests like baseball, basketball and football. Brian and his wife have two sons, including a newborn. With his older son, he continues to pursue his passion for sports as a volunteer coach for youth football and basketball teams. He maintains a strong connection with his alma mater Auburn, returning each year with the family for an SEC football game.

“I take pride in delivering the highest fiduciary standard of care to clients with a focus on ensuring that their individual financial goals are met.”


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