Insurance Planning & Products

  • Our team possesses decades of direct personal experience in all strategies and types of insurance products provided.
  • A primary area of expertise is using insurance for creative solutions to tax-efficient retirement and estate funding, and business strategies such as buy-sell agreements and deferred compensation plans.
  • One of our team members holds the CLU designation (Certified Life Underwriter); he has proven through education and testing to have a high level proficiency in the field.

The Importance of Insurance in your Financial Plan (and Life)

Insurance is an essential component of your financial plan. It will financially protect you and your family in the unforeseen event of an injury, disability, long-term illness or death. We believe that accounting for having the proper types and amounts of insurance coverage should be a priority before moving on to investment analysis and management.

As an independent provider of insurance, Cary Stamp & Co offers the benefit of not being affiliated with any one insurance company. As a result, your situation can be addressed with a tailored solution from any one of dozens of companies accessed through our networks. In addition, within the context of guiding you to reach your investment and financial goals, we know exactly what types and levels of insurance are in our clients’ best interests.

If you’re a primary source of income in a marriage or family unit, Disability Insurance is an important step in having a source of income in the event you become sick or injured and are unable to work.

In our arduous and increasingly expensive healthcare environment, Long-term Care Insurance provides assets for seniors to use for long-term healthcare needs, to avoid the using existing capital resources (and even potential bankruptcy, depending on the situation).

Term Life Insurance is the least expensive form of life insurance. It is purchased for set period of coverage years without cash value accrual and growth.

Permanent Life Insurance is any policy that is not term, including Whole Life and Universal Life and the sub-types within these categories. Permanent Life has a cash value component that builds over time (similar to a savings account) and which can be used for various investment methods, depending on the type of policy, from conservative to aggressive.

A majority of American don't have enough insurance. They are either uneducated about the potential risks or want to avoid thinking about negative possibilities in their lives. It is our highest priority to help clients avoid financial disaster and ruin for themselves and their families due to not having proper insurance coverage.

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