“When planning your exit from a lifetime of building a successful advisory practice, you deserve to check all of the boxes about the acquiring firm.”
- Cary Stamp, CFP®, Founder & CEO

Financial Advisor Business Succession, the Right Way

Put your mind at ease. We check all the boxes.

It’s natural to feel conflicting emotions as you sell an advisory practice built over decades of your career. Every seller feels a level of anxiety about the terms of the deal, the unknowable outcome of success, and the future care of clients.

The professional wealth management team at Cary Stamp & Co. understands everything that goes into a “win-win” process for an exiting seller. As an acquiring firm, we fulfill every element of critical criteria: succession experience, a collaborative culture, broad and deep capabilities, human and financial capital, and first-class client care.



Proper Compensation Based on a Fair Valuation

Deal Structure Matches Your Financial and Exit Goals

Buyer Has Compatible Sensibilities — and Will Put Your Clients First

Confidence in the Buyer’s Expertise, Service Offerings, and Ethics

Buyer is a Great Communicator and Collaborator


Buyer Offers Value-Added Services such as Insurance and Retirement Income Planning

Team Approach to Client Service—Quick Attention to Your Clients’ Needs

Multigenerational Advisory Strength, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers

Selling your financial advisory practice is a big deal. There’s one opportunity to get it right.

Our team members are subject matter experts in every facet of managing a full-service wealth management firm and providing your transitioning clients with a seamless experience.

Success Story

An Inside Look at the Rewarding Business Succession of Financial Advisor Eloy Nava


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