Why Cary Stamp & Co.

A Team of Advisors Striving for the Extraordinary

We care deeply about helping people. That’s why our team members became financial planners and advisors.

We believe in a principled, long-term method of financial planning and investment management founded upon an exhaustive knowledge of clients’ financial situation and aspirations.

Clients guided by Cary Stamp & Co. advisors include current and former business owners, successful executives and professionals, hedge fund employees, entrepreneurs, and enterprising families who believe in implementing smart strategies to minimize taxes, as well as reduce estate taxes when transferring wealth to the next generation.


Our advisors average 15 years of industry experience. This perspective and know-how results in time-tested customized strategies for each individual client.


Last year, advisory and planning staff averaged 63.8 hours of professional education, far exceeding the norm. We continually strive to remain an industry leader for our clients' benefit.


46% of our client families have entrusted us for two or more generations. In addition, 64% of all clients were referred to us by existing clients and service professionals.


Of the 17,000+ financial advisors in Florida, only 0.5% are Accredited Estate Planners. We have two of them.


In the past 5 years, we’ve guided clients to create family funds and foundations that donated 100+ grants to 58 nonprofits, totaling $1.7 million.


Our principled approach to working with clients, colleagues, and associated professionals is founded on the Seven Primary Principles articulated by Cary.


From 2016 to 2020, our business grew an average of 18% per year (“assets under management"). This continues today...


45.4% of our clients are either past or current business owners, a group with high expectations for service, expertise, and professionalism.


Our clients have been with us for an average of 7.5 years. More than 33% have been with us for 10 or more years.

Our Beliefs: The Seven Primary Principles

Principle 1DELIVER

Always deliver what we have promised, in every situation.

Principle 2EDUCATE

Continuously educate ourselves and our clients.

Principle 3LISTEN

Listen closely to the needs, aspirations, and perspectives of clients, as well as team members.

Principle 4TELL

Tell it like it is. Mutual candor and sincerity are needed in a successful client-advisor partnership.


Appreciate the abundance, possibility, and adventure in life. Be grateful for all we have and all that's to come.

Principle 6INSPIRE

Inspire and encourage everyone in our circle to excel — clients and team members alike.


Be a supportive force for good in strengthening interpersonal, family, and community bonds for clients, team members, and associates.

A Great Place to Work in Wealth Management


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