Helping clients achieve true wealth in every phase of their lives


A comprehensive, holistic wealth management and planning process that builds, protects, and extends the financial health and legacy of our multigenerational client families.

The Foundation: Our Seven Primary Principles

  1. Deliver what we promise.
  2. Educate ourselves and our clients, continuously.
  3. Listen to all perspectives from clients and fellow team members.
  4. Tell it like it is.
  5. Appreciate the abundance, possibility, and adventure in life.
  6. Inspire everybody in our circle to excel.
  7. Strengthen interpersonal and family bonds.

Giving Back / CS Cares

Our staff happily gives back—individually and as a group—to support our local communities and make the world a better place to live and work.



Cary’s Mid-Year Report & Outlook

July 13, 2019

My mission is to help successful families live lives of abundance, possibility, and adventure.   The first half of 2019 has been fantastic for CS&C, my family, and the clients we serve. I was fortunate to begin the year with an overdue trip to Machu Picchu with my father. In May, Sharon and I spent…

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What is ESG Investing, and How It Differs from “Socially Responsible Investing” of the Past

July 12, 2019

Decades ago, I lived in a lovely New England seaside town where there was a street-level storefront touting a novel idea called “Socially Responsible Investing.” On occasion, while strolling around town with a few of my friends in the financial field, they would throw sarcastic shade at the concept: “Sure, be socially responsible while being…

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Crypto-Currency, the Blockchain and Your Portfolio

March 25, 2019

I am attending the Barron’s Independent Summit in Salt Lake City for the next few days. Ric Edelman, a well-regarded advisory firm founder, author and entrepreneur has assembled a group of experts to discuss the future of digital currencies. I admit that I have been a skeptic, so I wanted to understand what the proponents…

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