Financial Planning

Principled Wealth Advisors and Financial Planning Services

Wealth management and financial planning covers broad, often complex territory. Nevertheless, the goal is very simple. When boiled down, all that really matters to our team, and to you, is your long-term financial wellness and freedom.

Everything we do is designed to accomplish these important goals in the most personalized manner possible.


Our advisory team provides leading-edge wealth management and financial planning solutions founded on the CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional) program. We currently have three CFP® professionals on staff with more candidates on the way. For those who have a need for financial planning (which includes everyone), we create principled, customized plans aligned with your lifetime goals and aspirations

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Financial Planning

Cash Flow Analysis

Short- and Long-term Goalsetting

Integration of All Facets of Financial Life


Investment Management

Suitability Analysis

Asset Allocation

Risk Management

Alternative Investments

Special Situations



Tax Strategies

Investment Tax Planning

Business Tax Planning

Income Tax Planning

Gift & Estate Tax Planning

Life Event Planning 


Retirement Planning

Individual Retirement Accounts 

Qualified Plans

Personal Savings

Executive Comp


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Insurance Planning

Term Life

Whole Life

Long-Term Disability

Long-Term Care


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Business & Succession Planning


Corporate Retirement & Benefits Plans 

Risk Management / Insurance

Buyout & Key Executive Insurance

Cross Purchase Funding Insurance

Executive Compensation

Succession Planning

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Estate Planning

Asset Protection

Insurance-Funded Inheritance

Transfer of Wealth Strategies

Minimizing Transfer Taxes

Charitable Giving

NOTE: Neither Cary Stamp & Company nor Commonwealth provide tax or legal advice. Please consult a tax or legal professional for advice regarding your specific situation.

Fixed insurance products and services offered through Cary Stamp & Company or CES Insurance Agency.

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