Anna McKinnon
Client Services Associate

Anna McKinnon 2024-05-07

Anna McKinnon, a seasoned professional with a profound commitment to client connections and small businesses, steps into her role as a Client Services Associate at Cary Stamp & Co. Her diverse background and specialized experience bring a unique perspective to the financial services team.

Born and raised in Traverse City, MI, Anna's formative years were filled with the joy of water and the enchanting landscapes of the Sleeping Bear Dunes. A close-knit family, including her recently returned older brother, adds a lively touch to family gatherings, now with four kids in the mix.

Embarking on a transformative journey at the age of 20, Anna moved to the Colorado Mountains, settling in Evergreen at an elevation of about 9,000 feet. Surrounded by mountains and mesmerizing views, she fell in love with the region, eventually meeting her ex-husband, with whom she successfully ran a renowned sushi shop for over five years.

While managing the sushi shop, Anna pursued higher education at the University of Phoenix, graduating with honors in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. This educational background not only contributed to the success of their small business but also fueled Anna's passion for supporting local enterprises.

In 2012, Anna became a mother to her oldest son, born prematurely at 26 weeks. This experience led her to become a dedicated stay-at-home mom for four years, ensuring her son received the best care possible. In 2016, her second son was born, marking a new chapter as she relocated to Michigan with her two sons.

Before joining Cary Stamp & Co. as a Client Services Associate, Anna accumulated a decade of experience in the banking industry, specializing in operations and personal banking. Her dedication to personal connections, evident in her dislike for treating clients and employees as mere numbers, aligns seamlessly with Cary Stamp & Co.'s client-centric approach.

With Cary Stamp & Co., Anna discovered a new passion assisting advisors as they help clients pursue their financial planning and retirement goals. She believes in the importance of bridging the gap between the education system and practical financial knowledge, especially in an era where pensions are no longer the norm.

In her role as a Client Services Associate, Anna excels in providing organized and efficient support to clients, ensuring prompt responses to their needs. Beyond her professional life, she cherishes Northern Michigan summers, often driving an hour for a Lake Michigan sunset after work. Anna enjoys exploring local trails, attending live music events, and has recently reignited her passion for playing the violin. Her love for travel and exploration, coupled with a keen interest in local cuisine, adds vibrancy to her life as she assists clients with their financial journeys at Cary Stamp & Co.

Anna McKinnon is not just a Client Services Associate; she is a dynamic professional driven by a commitment to community, personal connections, and the financial well-being of the clients she serves at Cary Stamp & Co.