Debbie Craig, CFP®, RICP®
Certified Advisor

Debbie Craig

Debbie's early desire for financial self-sufficiency began at 12 when she purchased her first stock and mutual bond. Formative experiences, including witnessing her grandmother's resilience as the sole provider, instilled in Debbie the importance of financial success and freedom. This childhood aspiration paved the way for her to become the "Rich Aunt Deb" and inspired her to assist women, whether married, divorced, or widowed, in achieving financial self-sufficiency.

Before beginning her career as a financial advisor, Debbie enjoyed a thriving 15-year corporate career as the Financial Manager at General Motors. The corporate environment's demands led her to seek a better work-life balance, prompting a departure from GM to build a bridge between financial success and true freedom.

With a BA in Economics from Kalamazoo College and an MBA from Northwestern University, Debbie's educational background complements her two decades as a Certified Financial Planner™. Her Piece by Piece™ framework, developed over her career, emphasizes building savings that can last, addressing the primary concern of her clients - ensuring their nest egg sustains them throughout retirement.

Debbie understands the significance of savings, instilled in her by her mother's wisdom. Her framework encompasses "Income Today" for living off interest and dividends, "Income Tomorrow" for low-risk investments as a backup plan, and "Flexibility" for unforeseen expenses or life choices.

Beyond her financial prowess, Debbie values giving back, embodying the childhood practice of giving away 10% of her earnings. Actively involved in Traverse City Economic Club, Three Lakes Association, and the National Alliance of Mental Illness, she continues to make beautiful life choices, from giving her family a summer home to aiding a beloved family member in need.

Debbie and her team are committed to client education, simplifying complex financial concepts and empowering clients to understand their financial plans. She shares her knowledge through various news publications and on Cary Stamp & Co.’s YouTube channel.

As a Certified Financial Planner™ and Retirement Income Certified Professional™, Debbie Craig brings a wealth of experience, a dedication to client success, and a passion for creating financial freedom to her role as Senior Financial Advisor at Cary Stamp & Co.