The Importance of Making a Difference in Your Community

Cary Stamp, leading financial advisor in Jupiter, FL, shares his perspective on making a difference in the world by giving back to local community organizations.






I grew up in Iowa and growing up in Iowa was pretty average. I went to a public school, I got pretty good grades and I gravitated towards being on the debate team. People told me I had a gift for gab. So I ended up going to tournaments all over the country. And when I went to these tournaments, about half the time they were at these extraordinary private schools. And I would look around these schools and look at the professors or the teachers who were actually PhDs, because that’s why I thought there were professors, that were teaching these students and the opportunities that they had and the technology that they had and all of the amazing facilities that were at these private schools, and I thought to myself, someday I want to do two things. One is that I want to give my children or child the opportunity to go to a school like that, and two, I want to help kids that can’t even go to the type of school that I go to, the public school in West Des Moines, Iowa, to get a better education than what they could get in the neighborhood where they live.

So I’ve made it my personal philanthropic mission to help those types of kids, and I’ve been involved for quite a few years now with the Edna Runner Tutorial Center in the Limestone Creek area in Jupiter. It’s a really low income neighborhood, but the kids are fantastic. They come to our center every afternoon from about 2:30 until 5:30, and they get to use our computers., they get to have wifi access, which most of them don’t have at home. In fact, many of these kids, unfortunately don’t even have a bed at home, and in many cases they don’t even have parents at home. They might be living with a relative or with grandparents.

I’ve been very fortunate in business and been able to give my daughter phenomenal educational opportunities, and I think that the way that we help people move forward and move out of poverty is by giving them the opportunity to get a great education. My involvement with the Tutorial Center has been fulfilling to a great extent to myself and to my wife, Sharon. We’re happy to be involved. We’re happy to give back.

I would encourage all of my friends and professional colleagues, get involved in the community. Think about where we live and how we can make this a better place. If we can help your organization by providing them with financial literacy, please feel free to call on me and my team. We’ll work with seniors, we’ll work with teenagers. And if they need some help on learning how to make money work better for them so that they can save money for retirement and rise themselves out of poverty, we’re here to help. I’m Cary Stamp and that’s Cary Stamp Cares.

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