A Mutual Fund Insider’s View of ESG Stock Analysis

A brief conversation with financial advisor and ESG specialist Josh Weller, AIF® and Jordan Tucker of Impax Asset Management


Jordan Tucker of Impax Asset Management and PAX funds joins Josh Weller AIF® for a topical discussion about how Impax and PAX World Funds evaluate equities for inclusion in ESG funds. This is a subject of recent debate in the investing world and provides an insider’s look into the painstaking due diligence process pursued by ESG-focused fund companies.

At the end, Jordan provides examples of stocks that rate highly and poorly for ESG factors, one of which may surprise you.

In this short 10-minute video, you’ll learn:

  • The fund company’s overarching philosophy on ESG integration
  • The specifics and unique qualities of the company’s ESG evaluation and screening process • How the analysis is brought together for decision-making
  • The degree to which PAX is involved in engagement and proxy voting with specific companies
  • One prominent company that PAX rates highly for ESG factors and another that ranks poorly

Financial advisor Josh Weller AIF® is a specialist in Sustainable Investing (ESG). Based in West Palm Beach, FL, he works virtually with clients throughout the U.S. who aspire to be “conscious capitalists” making a positive impact in the world, in concert with smart financial and retirement planning.

Impax Asset Management (and Pax World Funds) is the original fund company focused entirely on ESG fund management. It launched the first Socially Responsible mutual fund in 1971.

Contact Josh Weller: josh@carystamp.com

Josh’s YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7inqswQL9nFUjVmstGyqSteUNTVUodNT

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