Financial Risk Management

In the realm of investment portfolio management, Risk Management is the process of preserving capital by taking steps to help alleviate the effects of negative market turns that lead to drawdowns.

At Cary Stamp & Co., we fully expect markets to rise and fall. Through the use of multiple time-tested tactics, our investment risk management process builds inherent risk mitigation into client portfolios.

Our key tactics of effective financial risk management are choosing quality, low-expense fund and equity positions; allocating assets across the spectrum of major stock categorizations and sectors; diversifying assets within categories; and rebalancing portfolios regularly to avoid being overweight areas that were not originally intended.

Risk management also extends to other areas of your life and our financial planning process, most notably: saving for contingencies and risk protection through insurance (disability insurance, all forms of life insurance, and long-term care insurance). All of our team members are proficient in advising clients on insurance protection that are most suitable for your distinct situation and goals.

Not all risk can be mitigated. Investing always involves risk, including the loss of principal. There is no guarantee that any objective will be met. 

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