Strategic Asset Allocation and Diversification

Strategic asset allocation and diversification are two key building blocks of smart investing and financial risk management. Asset Allocation specifically refers to how a portfolio is divided among asset classes with the goal of not putting your eggs all in one basket.

The Cary Stamp & Co asset allocation process of building a diversified investment portfolio is always tailored to your unique situation: age, asset levels, risk tolerance, needs, and goals.

The process typically starts with stock and bond allocations and progresses to diversification within asset classes. For example, within stock/equities, assets might be allocated among categories such as U.S. Large Cap, U.S. Small Cap, and International, with further specificity in sectors such as Technology, Healthcare, Commodities, etc.

We want you to be invested in a portfolio that withstands the test of time and market fluctuations, without being overly positioned in any one area. This limits your exposure to the potential vicissitudes of individual categories or sectors, while participating in the long-term growth of markets.

Every person or family's situation is unique, so it's crucial that this is a personalized process with allocations that are suitable for your life and financial situation.

Asset allocation programs do not assure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets. No program can guarantee that any objective or goal will be achieved.

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